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ThursdayOct 27, 2016 at 2:04 PM

By Mike Whaley @

ROCHESTER — It looks like the Rochester Elks Sports Hall of Fame will not have a 2017 induction ceremony due to lack of members on the Hall of Fame Committee.

According to SHOF Committee Chairman John Creteau, who does not have time to do the event and is looking to step down, the committee normally has 13 members. Creteau said the committee is currently around half that size.

On Oct. 1, a request was sent out to Rochester Elks members looking to recruit additional committee members who possess knowledge of local sports and have time to serve on the 30-plus year-old committee. The committee wanted to obtain many highly motivated Elks members to "take over" the SHOF committee in hopes that a May 2017 event could commence. The committee only received one response, which is much less than had anticipated.

Only Elks members can be part of the Elks SHOF Committee.

The committee has become smaller than in the past, and to skip the May 2017 and hopefully do the next event in May 2019, lets everyone get recharged to run a classy event. Taking time off allows the existing Elks SHOF committee to recruit a few more people.

The next event will be the 25th HOF ceremony. From 1985 to 2001, the Hall of Fame had a ceremony every year. From 2003 to 2015, the HOF changed to an every-other-year event.

Hall of fames in Dover and Somersworth have run into similar problems. Dover’s sports hall of fame, which started in 1979, has not held a ceremony since 2008. Somersworth also took some time off after its 2006 ceremony, had an event in 2014, but has not submitted info on when it will hold its next ceremony.

If you are an Elks member and are interested, please e-mail Creteau at @ if you would like to assist with this Elks committee.

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2013 Inductees
Dan Wensley
Mike Flynn
Kelley Donahue
Kristen Zeimetz
Dave Keller
Curt Connelly

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2011 Inductees

Family of George "Spunky" Branscombe - Athlete

Family of Gregory W. Lacasse - Athlete

Eric Royal - Athlete (with spouse)

Family of Robert A. Gee (deceased) - Contributor

Family of Art Hoover - Contributor

Family of John Panteledes - Contributor

2011 Elks Sports Hall of Fame Committee

Ice Sculpture

Elks 1393 Emblem Club

John R. Creteau - Master of Ceremonies

Rochester Rotary - Roy Allain Award (Dave Keefe)

1950 Boys Outdoor Track State Champions

Three inducted athletes with Miss New Hampshire

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